or simply fill out our web questionnaire. See below for the 4 categories of our services - and specific options.


*** MUSICAL (7 options) ***

1. CHRISTMAS CAROLERS -- Our old fashioned quartet (2 men, 2 women), in 1800's attire is the most popular choice for Christmas parties. Can perform for 25 minutes to greet partygoers as they arrive, or can perform longer,circulating throughout the room. ---------we also have "Doo Wop carolers" singing Christmas tunes in the R&B style. both of our carolers groups sing "a capella" (don't need microphones and P.A.).

2. STRING QUARTET - wonderful background music for an elegant Christmas soiree. Can include some pieces from the Nutcracker Suite, as well as traditional Christmas carols.

3. MUSICAL TOY SOLDIERS (one to four musicians) - up to 3 horns, 1 drummer, playing festive Christmas music...great costumes. A real delight.

4. MS. SANTA(pianist/vocalist who can sing and lead Christmas carols, and Christmas popular music; can also play background jazzy versions of Christmas music. She can perform solo, or if only jazzy Christmas is wanted, can perform solo or with her JAZZ COMBO.


5. SINGING CHRISTMAS TREE - Unique walk around character.










6. DANCE BAND (3-7 pcs) - Can play danceable Christmas tunes (e.g. "Jingle Bell Rock", "Winter Wonderland", "Felix Navidad", etc.) as well as non-Christmas dance music (Motown, rock, etc.). Band can include a "dinner set" of background music.''. See further info on our dance bands; also audition (mp3 sound files) one of our most versatile bands "Linda Wiggins and Finesse".

7. CHRISTMAS D.J. (CAN HAVE KARAOKE) - If your budget can't accommodate a band, but you want dancing our D.J. might be a good choice. We can include karaoke, so your guests can have a crack at singing Christmas and non-Christmas favorites. See photos of our 2 male D.J.'s (Eric and Steve) on our D.J. webpage.


Music can help create the festivity of Christmas for your party. Your guests will be happy that you took the extra care to provide special music.

We are very good about filling "last minute" entertainment needs. Call or email us or fill out our web questionnaire (no obligation). We usually can respond within the hour.

For non-musical Christmas party needs, or Event Planner see below.


1. SANTA (American, or European "Father Christmas")

2. SANTA'S HELPER (can help hand out your gifts, or circulate with 1940's style box of chocolates (used to be called a "cigarette box").

3. ELVES (colorful costumes, our elves are multi-talented, helping Santa with gifts, photos, but also can juggle, do magic, and for parties with children do ballon sculptures and do face painting.



6. TEDDY BEAR (5' Tall)

7. SILVER CHARACTERS (on stilts or ground). Stunning costumes to add elegant ambiance to your event. Ice King, Snow queen, and Tin Man.

8. FORTUNE TELLERS (tarot, crystal ball or palm), can have "Christmasy look".

9. CARICATURIST -provides a Christmas "gift" (rolled up with red ribbon) for your guests..everyone loves to have their picture drawn....it's also very entertaining for the guests to watch our artist in action.


Whether your party is an intimate gathering at your home, or a large company holidy event, our Christmas characters can be an important part in creating the festive ambiance. It helps the guests mix and unwind, when there are characters interacting with them.

We advise contacting us at least 5 days before your party, though we often are able to fill "last minute" requests. Call or email us, or fill out our web questionnaire --- no obligation, quick response).



Christmas parties are supposed to be fun for the host / hostess also. To keep things easy for you, we can take care of everything, whether you're having a small 15 person party at home, or it's a 300 person company dinner dance.

  • HALL - We know which halls have availability, even for prime Christmas party dates.
  • FOOD - For Christmas, we have several special holiday menus to choose from (all relying on fresh California cuisine with a European touch. Our most popular is the infomal "NUIT DE NOEL", which has 6 passed hors d'oeuvres, hot beverages (coffee, tea, punch and/or egg nog), with a spectacular dessert display, (optional bar).
  • DECOR -When your guests enter the room, we can have a warm colorful glow cast upon an assortment of fanciful Christmas decorations. We have provide an old fashioned gingerbread house, holiday greenery, ribbons and fabrics, floral displays...and for spacious events, we have large decor items (e.g. toy soldier's guardhouse, north pole, fake snow drifts, Santa's workshop, etc.).
  • ENTERTAINMENT- see top of webpage for listing of entertainment options.
  • COORDINATION - You can relax and enjoy your event, because we are there from start to finish, taking care of all the details.
  • If you might need an Event Planner, call or email us with your party date and general needs, or simply fill out our web questionnaire (no obligation...we usually get back to you within 4 hours).


    Or you can fill out our web"no obligation" questionnaire.

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