We have over 14 years of experience at Bay Area weddings, corporate and private parties. We supply you with our extensive music list, so you can let us know the kind of music you want("variety package", or just specific styles such as Motown, hip hop, funk, alternative, classic rock, disco, swing, ballroom, reggae, salsa, jazz, rap, R&B, "ethnic" - Italian, Irish, Jewish, French, etc. ). Also, we'll follow your "Do Not Play List" (so if you hate C&W, Barry Manilow, or rap - we won't play it, even if you nephew comes up and requests it). Our style of announcing can be graciously subdued...totally silent.... or as active party host..... We'll set the musical tone you want --- easy going and casual, high energy party, elegant and formal, obscure and hip ---- whatever you want. We're experienced and gracious in acting as M.C. - making the needed announcements (and we don't throw in corny jokes as other annoying D.J.'s might do).
Other D.J. options also include stage lighting, kareoke, and live music/D.J. package. Our prices are reasonable (we want you to be able to afford the chocolate fondue option at the company party, or that honeymoon in Tahiti...) ...For company parties, our fun "KARAOKE SHOW", which includes an assortment of flashy costumes (sequin jackets, hats, wigs, etc.), as well as the traditional karaoke machine/ video/ lyrics, goes over very well. (Everyone is a ham at heart). We can even create your very own version of an"American Idol" type show, complete with impersonators of snippy Simon Cowell, ingratiating, Paula Abdul and the affable Randy Jackson.
WEDDINGS: As people arrive, we'll play nice background music (our female D.J. is also a professional pianist if you prefer to have elegant piano during dinner). We introduce the toasts (they can use our microphones), and when you're ready for the First Dance, we'll have the list of all the participants of the Bridal Party, so we announce them clearly over the microphone...couple by couple (giving time for each couple to get a little applause as they step up). We'll play music that will get the guests out on the dance floor.(and if you have specific requests, we follow those). When it's time for your other activities (cake cutting, bouquet toss, Last Dance), we'll M.C. those in a gracious manner. If you have your own custom CD's you'd like to bring, we can certainly include those also.
BIRTHDAY PARTIES: We're diligent about learning which artists the birthday person loves (and of course their "favorite song"). If they want to sing a song (or some of the guests want to sing a song to them), we can accommodate that. We'll get the partygoers out on the dance floor, insuring a great birthday memory. We also can put on a fun "trivia contest"....all about the birthday person.
COMPANY PARTIES: We've D.J.'ed at hundreds of corporate events for Bay Area companies like Hewlett Packard, Apple Computer, Bank of America, Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream, Stanford University, Kaiser Permanente, Foster Wheeler, etc. Your party committee can check off requests in advance, and (if you'll allow), we can also take spontaneous requests at the party (still staying within your pre-set "style guidelines"). We watch the crowd, and we're good about getting everyone dancing. If you want us to add some special activities....we can organize a dance contest, lip synching contest , karaoke ----(it depends on how corny you want to get).
CLASS REUNIONS: We can include a 30 minute playlist of the top hits of your freshman, sophomore, etc. years. (We of course bring all the other music, too). Other fun things we can do are: a customized Trivia Contest, dance contests, a short karaoke contest, and/or a In-the-Room Scavenger Hunt.

To verify our availability and get a quick price quote, fill out our no-obigation questionnaire.

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