PERFORMANCE SCHEDULES (S.F. Bay Area. --Aug 24-Sept 12, 2010)


1) (EASIEST) Within the hour, we'll email you mp3's files (or video) of the top 3 bands we think that fit your music preferences, budget (and are available for your event date) you can "audition them from your computer". Obviously, to check their availability, you need to tell us your event date (and hours, and city). Call us or fill out our no-obligation questionnaire.

2) (EASY) Get a "mini audition" below (on this webpage) listening to Selected Sound Files. (Not as good as #1 method, because the sound files are only from 7 bands.....who may or may not be available for your event date, and may or may not be the right budget, or play the right music styles for you.

3) We can email you mp3, (or video snippet)....or mail you a free demo package (CD of 4-7 excellent bands, in your preferred price range, with each band's picture and songlist). You should already have a date set for your event to receive this package. ...if so, simply send us your needs in a no-obligation questionnaire or give us a call.

4) Going to see the band(s) perform in person. (several listed below - throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area), though the majority of clients welcome making a decision just from our comprehensive demo packages.

Below is a list of selected upcoming Bay Area, & beyond performances (Let us know which specific performances you want to go to---we can then e-mail you the full info on that specific performance, verifying availability of each band for your event date, so your drive to audition the band will be worth your time. If you're too busy to drive around to see a band, or if you live outside of the Bay Area, call us...we can mail you a helpful sampler CD demo package with several bands to choose from). Areas below include: SF, East Bay, South Bay, Peninsula, North Bay, (and if any this week----L.A., and some other U.S. and worldwide performances (To help you peruse this list more efficiently, we've colored coded some performances by the versatility or specialized styles the band can play.......... "versatile" bands (that can play many musical styles including R&B, funk, Motown, rock and roll, swing, and jazz) are noted in pink, bands that specialize in only Funk or Motown/R&B or blues are in dark blue. Bands that play mostly rock and roll are in turquoise. Bands specializing in jazz are brown . Bands that specialize in swing are in green. Bands that play ethnic music (e.g. Brazilian, salsa, African, Klezmer, Irish, etc.) are in orange . Bands that play classical or light classical music are in yellow. Disc jockeys are in purple . Bands that play American roots music (Cajun, New Orleans, C&W, etc.) are in red. For specific performance info (band name, location name, address, directions, exact hours, etc.) e-mail us at least 1 day before the performance and we can e-mail you the info. We can also send you their demo CD if you have a current need for a band. Performances below begin 8pm or later unless noted.

PERFORMANCES - August 24-Sept 12, 2010

(most performances c. 9 or 10pm- c. 1am....unless noted otherwise)


EAST BAY (Albany. Berkeley, Oakland, Walnut Creek, etc.)

PENINSULA (So. San Francisco, San Mateo, Rockaway Beach..near Pacifica)

SOUTH BAY (Campbell, Redwood City, Santa Cruz, Mt. View, etc.)

NORTH BAY (Sausalito, Napa San Rafael, St. Helena, Greenbrae, Corte Madera, etc.)


(To receive specific addresses and hours of performances of above bands --contact me --- phone or email as soon as you can. can quickly email you that band's songlist, pricing, and also verify their availability for your event date, before emailing you the address of performance. If there is a cover charge at the band's performance, I often can get you on the "guest list". In the meantime, if you would like to have an instant "lo fi" audition of 3 bands, click below. (Most are only 10 seconds of music).


(Photo below) "LINDA WIGGINS AND FINESSE", probably one of the most versatile bands in the Bay Area, is able to play the tastiest of jazz standards, and, when you're ready, play the dance music styles you want to hear (whether it be Sinatra, Wilson Pickett, Etta James, Lily Allen, Norah Jones, James Brown, Earth Wind Fire, or others in their 500 song repertoire.) Their 3 lead vocalists each play an instrument, so even the trio is danceable. The female vocalist/ keyboardist, pictured to the left, is equally adept as a solo jazz pianist/vocalist. During the holiday season Linda also can come dressed as "Ms. Santa" and sing and lead Christmas carols, or background Chrstmas music). The band's drummer is such a strong singer, he was once the lead singer in the nationally known R&B band "The Dynatones". The guitarist can play and sing obscure but great tunes by Johnny Guitar Watson, and turn around and do the famous hits by Steve Miller, Van Morrison, Outkast.... The band has an optional horn section (2 or 3 horns). Their CD demo package is available upon request, but here are a couple of mp3 sound files.

"Our Love Is Here to Stay" (1940's standard -female vocal 337k mp3).

"It's Alright" (1970's funk - male vocal 328k mp3).

Additional sound files on their webpage: Linda recently returned from playing a 3 month engagement as a soloist on a cruise. She's back in town. . For hours and locations of her entire schedule see Linda's personal webpage. "Linda Wiggins Band" aka "Finesse" may still have some December dates open for this holiday season. (also open for weddings)

(Photo below) Elegant soulful female vocalist with her jazz combo (3-7 pcs) is one of the finest singers in the Bay Area, filling the reknown Yoshi's jazz nightclub 2 years in a row in a special appearance. Yet the group is amazingly affordable to play sophisticated local weddings and private parties. Ella, Duke, Dinah, of the greats played with the perfect touch. Demo CD available. She had successful out-of-the-country tours in France, Mexico, Shanghai....and recently (Aug 08) she returned from a 4 month tour in Thailand. Performed (with Linda Wiggins's jazz band) on KGO Radio - early Sat Mar 31 2007 (on Ray Taliaferro show) for the Cure-A-Thon. . She has a cable community T-V show, and teaches / performs with Berkeley's JazzSchool. Check with us to get her current performance schedule. Availability for private and corporate parties for some dates in 2010.

(Photo below) Fresh, hip band (8-9 pcs) -plays mainly jazz and--- for dancing ---funk, disco and pop. Three man horn section, + female vocalists. They frequently perform their very danceable originals, though they can also do cover material for weddings and parties. (A smaller version of the band played in September at the world famous Monterey Jazz Festival, and also had Stevie Wonder drop by and sit in with them at a recent club gig in S. F. (in another configuration, they're playing as a 9 pc band backing a male vocalist on an all-Ray Charles repertoire. They (various configuratiaons of the band) wll be playing this month in Oakland, and North Bay.. Won an award (Oct '04) as "best jazz band", and has been nominated for 2009 SF Weekly Music Awards. Demo CD available. mp3 sample "Car Wash"(mp3).


(Photo below) Hip jazz /funk / pop band, with a talented female vocalist with a real stage charisma. Band has originals, but also can cover jazz and dance music. (including current pop by artists such as Pink, Norah Jones, Josh Stone, and Marc Anthony). Usually performs 4 to 6 pcs. Has some public performances at Northern California casinos - . Demo CD available. Female vocalist also has an all female band that does all Led Zeppelin material. "Celebrate" (lo res mp3)

(Photo below) This 6 piece band has the hip zaniness of an early 1950's roadhouse band, with the male vocalist on fantastic piano chops, accompanied by the female vocalist who's a rare breed playing flat out great blues/R&B guitar....they're as fun to watch as they are to dance to - great jump blues and jump swing melding into R&B with 2 of the Bay Area's best horn players adding to the authentic sound. Stage presentation reminiscent of Louie Prima and Keely Smith. This band does very few covers....mainly groovin' originals that you can dance your socks off to. The band has performed several dates in Hollywood at the Derby though they're based in the SF Bay Area. Occasionally they will perform a more R&B flavored version of the band with the piano player switching to Hammond B-3 organ. For very small parties, they can do as small as a 4 piece. We'd be happy to send you their CD demo and picture to consider for your upcoming event. (Occasional globe trotters, the band played in Europe and did the S.F. Blues festival in 2007; in June 08 in Beijing China at the evocatively named Shangri-La Hotel, did 3 nights in July 08 at the Mammoth Lake Jazz Jubilee, July 22 in New York. & played the 2007 (Sept) S.F. Blues Festival). In summer 2008, they played on the road in the L.A. area, in Phoenix and at various S. F. Bay area festivals. . Summer 2009, they played several venues in the L.A. Area, also in Phoenix Arizona, and Bay Area festivals. Coming up: They've got several public perf this month -Sept 2010) -most in the S.F;. Bay Area, but 2 in Central California (Chico and Fulton...see bottom of page). Here's an example of one of their rockin' originals. "Where's My Gravy?"

Photo at right (1940's swing) This superb male vocalist has a classic crooner's voice (some liken him to Sinatra) - he's definitely a polished entertainer and one of the Bay Area's top talents. Come hear him perform while you sip martinis...He sings a great version of "Fly Me to the Moon" and scads of classic Cole Porter. They can do a 6 piece band, with the vintage instruments of piano, upright bass, guitar, jazzy drums, sax and vocalist. Here's a sound sample: "I Can't Give You Anything But Love"(90k au).


How many hours can you sulk in front of the T-V or your computer screen-----hearing how the financial fat cats got away with such a monumental heist! Give yourself a breather and go out and hear some great live music here in the Bay Area! Many performances are cover charge (so you "don't need a bailout to get out!")

If you are contemplating having a great live band for 2010 Christmas party, or during 2011 -a wedding or party - you may want to have an"audition opportunity". Let us know what kind of music you want the band to be able to play....and we can email you which band(s) would be the best match...and where they're playing ! We can find you the perfect band (or DJ, solo pianist, etc.), or do the complete package -- Event Planning (find you the party location, arrange for wonderful catering, decor, invitations, and..of course, entertainment). Music-wise we have many wonderful dance bands to choose from, including many fun party bands of all sizes (3, 4, 5 up to 12 pcs), fresh and creative funk jazz bands, danceable salsa bands, swing bands and even the amazingly versatile bands (don't discount these bands that can play all the oft requested styles, these are top level musicians, who do justice to each style they play). We also have some personable D.J.'s (with option of karaoke). For larger corporate events, we have the "celebrity" bands like "Big Bad Voodoo Daddy", "Robert Cray", local celebrity bands like "Pride & Joy", and others. (See our "dance band page" for roster of bands). We make it easy for you (after talking to you to see what you want musically and price-wise) by putting 5 to 9 bands in one demo package, complete with each band's repertoire list, picture, biography, pricing and audio or video demo). Our efficient services will save your many weeks of searching for the best band. (If you want the demo package, or let us know your musical needs by filling out our no-obligation questionnaire.

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